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We love hearing how our customers have enjoyed using their cameras. Read reviews and see photos taken by past customers below. If you’ve purchased a camera and would like to share your own photos, please feel free to get in touch

Max – Olympus Pen & Nikon FTN

“Shutteroo is a true gem for film photography enthusiasts. I’m delighted to have found you.”

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Philip – Minolta X700

Thanks mate, stoked with it. The camera’s easy as to use and shoots great too.

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Gandhar – Olympus OM20

“Thanks for the camera, I took some shots on the weekend and am impressed by the output. “

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Jayden – Pentax ME Super

“Here are some of the pics from my first roll of film. Thanks again for the camera, works a treat!”

Dylan – Canon T70

“Got my first roll developed today – thought I’d share some with you! Thanks again for the camera!”


Chloe – Canon AV1

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the camera! I’ve just been getting emotional looking through my developed photos from my trip.”

Drew – Canon AE1 Program

Super stoked to have dealt with you multiple times and with how helpful you’ve been throughout!


Ally – Olympus Trip 35

It’s amazing! I’m loving it so far, I thought I was gonna mess up the focus a lot more but it’s been a breeze. Thank you so much.

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Paige – Olympus Trip 35

The camera is awesome thanks so much!


Jordan – Pentax Super A

“First roll of film came back beautifully! Here are some of my favourite photos from the roll”